Rachel's Table


behind the apron


welcome to my table

My name is Rachel and I am the woman behind the apron. My passion is to make creative, nourishing, and comforting meals for your family and deliver them to you each week.

I focus on adding veggies, color, and texture to family favorites. Sometimes, in the sneakiest of ways that even the most trained toddler palate cannot discern. Everything is made from scratch, and made with love.

It's the closest I can come to having everyone I know over for dinner every night. Now that would be ideal, wouldn't it?


a bit about me

I love to cook. Full stop.

I have felt most at home in the kitchen my whole life. Some have told me that I make a mean batch of cookies and a lovely latte.* I love music and writing and everything creative. I love learning and trying new things and reading. Of course, I love eating.

My day job for the past decade or so has been as a caretaker and teacher and nanny to some wonderful families. Through that experience as well as a lifetime of mealtimes with my own family, I have come to understand and deeply value the magic of a meal together. Coming to the table. Breaking bread. Engaging in conversation. Laughing. Savoring. All the best things of life.

* This blurb was crafted in partnership with family and friends since writing about myself is kind of a nightmare for me. The more you know...



This is how I make sure there is a home-cooked meal on the table at least once a week. Made with love and so yummy. Like how I would do it if I had the time and know-how.

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